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20 May 2012


I have been very busy these past few weeks setting up a local organic food co-op, and I am happy to say we have just had our second week of running the co-op. It has been very successful and everyone is enjoying their boxes of organic fruit and veggies.

Here is some information I put together about the co-op. 
The Sunbury Organic Food Co-op is a fresh food and grocery co-operative that has a sustainable alternative to supermarket shopping. 

Provides an affordable opportunity to buy organic produce on a weekly basis. Buying in bulk, directly from the wholesaler enables the prices to be kept to a minimum, avoiding the normal retail mark-up. The produce will be sourced mainly via the Melbourne Wholesale Markets.

Provides an opportunity for friendship and connections between like-minded people locally through working together in the co-op on a regular basis. The co-op becomes a sociable place to shop. We are also going to have four seasonal celebrations each year, sharing food, stories and ideas with other members of the co-op.
MY VISION is to create a sustainable alternative to supermarket shopping, providing everything we need, so that we won't need to shop at the supermarket any more. 

  • We will start with fruit and veg and then expand to all other foods, personal care products, cleaning and household products
  • Everything will be organic

  • Initially we will purchase all fruit and veg from wholesale market and then look for what local, seasonal produce is available

  • We will significantly reduce the amount of plastics and packaging we all use

  • We will offset our carbon emissions of travelling to collect our food through a local company that supports rural communities and the environment through planting indigenous trees.
  • Once a week everyone will complete an order form, choosing what produce they want. 
  • The order will be collected from the wholesale market, delivered to Sunbury and packed into boxes. 
  • Everyone involved in the co-op will have a job either packing or an administrative role, and will benefit by getting organic produce and groceries at wholesale prices
  • Address health issues - there are many diet and lifestyle diseases around these days. The chemicals in our food, our cleaning products, our personal care products – all of these accumulate in our bodies causing toxic bodies and disease. Organics reduces the amount of chemicals and pesticides going into our bodies, improving health, reducing illness and disease. 
  • To make organics affordable for the average family.

  • Keeping our shopping dollar as local as possible and taking money away from big business who are only interested in profit, not health.

  • Creating a community of like minded people working together and supporting each other.

Have you been involved in a co-op before? Would you like to start one in your local area? All it takes is one committed person to get a project off the ground. If you want some information on how I set this up, let me know and I will be happy to share with you.