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23 November 2011

How to Increase Your Energy Levels
Part 1 – Get rid of the chemicals

These days we are bombarded with chemicals from everywhere, including what we put in our bodies, on our bodies, our cleaning products, our water and soil, consumer products, the air we breathe...the list goes on.

Approximately 80,000 industrial chemicals, additives and preservatives are in use today and most of these were invented in the last 75 years. Of these chemicals, only a small percentage of them have ever been screened for potential health effects such as cancer, reproductive toxicity, developmental toxicity, or impacts on the immune system.  Among those that have been tested (approximately 15,000), each chemical has been tested individually rather than in the combinations that we are exposed to in the real world. In reality, no one is ever exposed to a single chemical, but to a chemical soup, the ingredients of which may interact to cause chaos.

This chemical soup has a significant effect on our health and energy levels.  For example cancer rates have risen from 20 to 50 percent since 1970 and the number of asthma suffers has grown by 75 percent since 1980.  So many people are unwell, some with serious illness, but many others just feel sick and tired without any specific health condition.

Don’t despair, there is good news!  Our bodies are really quite amazing and despite all the toxic stuff that goes into them, it does a pretty good job of trying to get the bad stuff out.  It does this through our elimination organs: the liver, kidneys, skin and intestines.  However, it is easy for our body to become overloaded, and the harder it works on detoxifying us, the less energy we have to live our lives.  Our metabolism slows down and we are left feeling exhausted, sometimes even before we have got out of bed! 

There are many ways to lighten the load on our body, making it easier to eliminate the toxic chemicals, and in return giving us more energy to enjoy life.  Here are some suggestions:

1.  Make the majority of your food fresh fruits, vegetables and whole, unprocessed foods
     and purchase as much as you can organically.

2.   Try to drink 2 litres of water a day, to replenish and hydrate your body and help it to 
      flush out the nasties. Buy a reusable stainless steel or other BPA free bottle. Plastic
      bottles can leach toxic chemicals into your drinking water.

3.  Get back to basics with cleaning.  Throw away every toxic chemical based cleaning
     product you use and discover the power of ingredients such as bicarb soda, vinegar,
     lemon juice and many other natural and non toxic alternatives to clean your home.

4.  Wash your clothes with soap nuts or bicarb soda with a vinegar rinse.

5.  Go through your skin care, personal care, cosmetics – everything you put on your
     body, and check it for safety.  A useful website to help you look for any nasties is
     You can also look up toxic ingredient directories on the internet for more info.

The way we live our lives these days it is impossible to avoid toxic, harmful chemicals getting into our bodies.  Getting angry with the industries who put all of these chemicals into the products we buy, whilst justified, does not change anything.  We need to take responsibility for our health and the health of our families.  We need to educate ourselves and help others.  We need to change the environment we live in to make it as pure and natural as we possibly can.

It is often easy to think that one person cannot make a difference, but if everyone makes a few simple changes to the products they buy, this will add up enough to give a loud and clear message to the industries using these chemicals, that we will not tolerate their irresponsible actions any more.    

Check out this video

A Wake-Up Story from Healthy Child Healthy World on Vimeo.
Are you awake to what is in our air, clothes, personal care products and how to wake up those around us


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